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Current Prayer Requests:


Please pray for Alan. He is praying for a way out of government assistance and into a home of his own. He also praying for salvation for his friends and family.

3/13 Lindsay West

Please continue to pray for the reconciliation and healing of my marriage. Thank you


Please pray for my job.

3/10 Donna Wheeler

Donna O’Sullivan and her husband Kevin have  come to River Oak before but work is stopping her now so neither come now.Please pray that they will be able to come back. Also, she has pancreatic cancer and needs prayer and a visit and phone calls.

3/8 K Clark

I am asking for prayer that despite the devil’s thwarts, God’s will will prevail.

3/6 Lindsay West

Please continue to pray for the full reconciliation of my marriage. God is doing wonders in our home. Thank you all for praying for us.

3/5 Shannon S.

Please pray that my vertigo will go away completely and forever not to return. It is just awful at times and negatively takes over my life at times. Please pray it disappears completely in the sweet name of Jesus. I’ve been dealing with it for years and it just has come to my mind why haven’t I asked for pray and lay it at the feet of Jesus, so here I am in faith laying it at his feet. Thank you.

3/4 Ed Tworek

I shattered my tibia this week. Currently at Norfolk General.  I’m having PTS dreams of the incident causing me to not sleep.

3/1 Jim Bost

I popped my hamstring last night playing with my dog. I see a Doctor tomorrow.  Hopefully things will heal with rest.

2/26 Lindsay West

Please continue to pray for the healing and reconciliation of my marriage. Thank you so much.

2/21 Diane Johnson

Prayers for Ryan McNamara for God’s love, grace, and spiritual healing.


Please pray for a church member’s daughter who is experiencing difficulty with substance abuse and an attempt to take her own life. Please pray that the treatment program’s medical team would be equipped with wisdom and skill to care for her during her detox, and for her mental health. Pray for a miracle in her daughter, that the presence of the Lord would be revealed to her through renewed health and mental/spiritual healing. Pray for the entire family, that the Lord would bring them peace through this difficult time.

2/21 Patrick Burke

Please agree in prayer for members of all Prayer Ministries selflessly interceding for others. Lord, give them Godly wisdom & discernment to fervently & effectively address the requests they respond to, with signs & wonders following. LORD, protect them from spiritual attacks. May they take comfort in the Lord’s promise to answer their prayer, in His timing & in His way. May no plan of the enemy succeed against them, we ask in Jesus’ name. Know you & your prayer ministry are being prayed for also!

2/13 Phil Chavez

Please pray for my mom Lorraine’s salvation and pray for her healing. She lost her hearing, has memory loss, bad posture, body pain, and high blood pressure. Pray for excellent health. Pray for a long life for Lorraine.Pray for the removal of debt and financial blessings and financial security for Lorraine. Pray Lorraine’s possessions last a hundred times longer and will supernaturally become newer and repaired. Also, please pray for salvation and excellent health and long life for my uncle Seve,aunt Jackie and Pray salvation, healing and long life for my mom’s boyfriend Joe who has cancer.. In the name of Jesus Yeshua Hamashiach Amen .  … Please Pray GOD Blesses me with a life partner real soon in JESUS Name. I’ve been praying for this since 1995


Miranda more faith.

2/9 Steven Bates

Taking myself off a pain medication I’ve been on for arthritis for 25yrs… it’s been exhausting to deal with and only getting worse. I believe with God’s help that I can be done with it and myself and my family will be better for it… I’ve been praying on it for several months and think I’ve received the answer from God several months ago but didn’t listen afraid I couldn’t do it…it’s not going to be easy but I know it’s what I need to do and what God wants for me. Please pray for me to be strong… I know with your prayers and God’s help I can do this!Thank you!!!

2/8 Chrystiane Grubbs

There is so much going on and I am overwhelmed. Requesting prayer for many health, family, and house situations.

2/8 Lindsay West

Please continue to pray for the reconciliation and healing of my marriage. Thank you

2/1 Lillie Lim

Please pray for a miracle healing of my leukemia cancer (10% chance of survival).

1/31 Lindsay West

Please pray that God continues to heal and reconcile my marriage.


Please say healing prayers for my husband, Roland, as he is having cardiac surgery on Thursday, January 26th. Thank you.

1/23 Debbie Bower

Debbie’s daughter, Katrina Spivey, suffered a stroke on Sunday driving home from a cheer competition with her daughter. She’s currently in neuro ICU for treatment. Please pray for her healing and recovery, and for her medical team.

1/23 Stacy Grover

My nephew Curtis McCoy was found with his throat slashed this am- in ICU- prognosis not good – prayer is needed please.  I am not sure he is saved.

1/18 Heidi 

My daughter is pregnant with twin girls. She was told last week one of them dropped from already being small at 11%, to 3%. Yesterday she was told that if things continue as they are now, she will be delivering at 30 weeks which is 3 weeks from now. That is 10 weeks premature. Please pray for these babies, for growth, and safe and healthy birth, as well as God-willing no complications then as well in future. Please also pray for her during and after delivery. I can’t thank you enough for your prayers!!!!!!!! My momma heart is finding comfort in these prayers♥️ God bless

1/18 Lindsay West

Please pray that God continues to reconcile and heal our marriage.

1/17 Marissa Shadler

My grandma was diagnosed with lung cancer tonight. She recently found the Lord after years of me praying she would and I couldn’t be more happy she did considering I now know if it’s her time she will be with him. But I truly believe she will be okay. And I know it sounds insane to think that with her age and her condition but there’s something in my gut. So I just want none the less to pray if it is him calling her home, she go peacefully. I didn’t have parents, my grandma raised me basically along with my aunt and uncle, so I just really would appreciate just love. Thank you for all you do here at riveroak

1/8 Brenda Bodnar

I’m anxious about my complete knee replacement tomorrow, Jan 9. Please pray for a successful surgery and that the Lord will help me handle the pain.

1/5 Jerry Czack

Billy and Pat Phelps – Billy is in the hospital due to pneumonia and fluid around his heart. Please pray for healing as he is 83 years old and has other health conditions that make his hospitalization more difficult.