Karen Ann Robinson
My mother Anna Mae Harrison passed on with Christ to her forever Eternal Home at noon on Thursday. She will be missed so very much, please pray for our family, her service will be held at 11:00 On Wednesday 7/29/20, Thank you ūüôŹ

Trudy Orsell
Please pray for healing for me from a stroke and extensive colon surgery.  It’s been a very long and painful journey and I’m sooo very very weary and discouraged and desperately need prayers. Blessings

Robert Whealton
My friend from Ohio, Lisa Seegert, she has stage 4 cancer, has been through 4 rounds of chemo, just had surgery, and has 4 more rounds of chemo to go through. Also her sister Jackie has stage 4 cancer as well. If your prayer group could pray for  
those two I would so appreciate it


Joan  Winebarger
Prayers for my husband who had a stroke a month ago.   He is  making progress physically but has developed a blood infection.   This AM he is undergoing a nuclear scan that should indicate where the infection is located.   Please pray for healing and for him to go home this week.   He is discouraged about his  health  and  wants to  go home.  Thank you.

Donna Boone
Please lift up my neighbors, Cathy and Bill Fletcher.  Bill was just taken by ambulance to Chesapeake General Hospital for possible cardiac issues. 
My 5 year old grandson, Ben, just had a huge seizure.¬† He fell flat on his face on the hardwood flooring.¬† He has a history of seizures (recently diagnosed with a brain mass/abnormality that is benign.¬† Also, he is autistic.¬† He actually told my daughter he “passed out” so he is beginning to have a concept of the seizures


Danielle Fernandez
Good Morning, After having trouble getting pregnant for many years almost 2 years ago we were blessed with a baby boy. We decided to try again to give him a sibling and unexpectedly got pregnant again this time with a baby girl (Graciana). She has been growing and the pregnancy has been happy and healthy although im tired from chasing her brother (Felix). This past week i went in for a regular checkup at 32 weeks and they said there was extra fluid in my placenta where it can be dangerous because she can tie herself up in the umbilical cord. So I am constantly monitoring her movements where before i used to just enjoy them. The ob wanted to do more testing and found out i had a recent CMV infection although i had no symptoms. It can come from toddler aged children from something as simple as a kiss. My heart was broken because i love my baby boy and we share everything. But the infection can effect Gracie in the womb. She can be born deaf, blind, have mental disabilities and even seizures. I know God has formed her im my womb and although i cried last night when i found out i prayed for Gods peace at this time. There is still a chance she can be born happy and healthy. I believe in miracles and God is in control. I would like to request not only prayers for her health but also for the peace during these last couple of weeks. That i may focus on the blessing of having children i never thought i could have but also cherish the moments of feeling her move with out constantly worrying. I did wake up this morning with an over whelming since of peace and no worrying or negative what if thoughts it was beautiful. I know these last couple of weeks will be hard to keep this attitude up but if you could please pray for my little girl and the peace of mind that i desperately need to renew daily i would greatly appreciate it. Thank you for your time and prayers. God Bless each one of you.


Laura Osborn
Mark rapidly deployed to New Mexico on Mother’s Day for Covid.

Galynn Wilkinson
My sister Kim Hogge has had a stroke. She lives in IN and is in the hospital.  She is only 56 yrs old. It has affected her right side. Right now is can only use her pointing fingers. She is a high school art teacher and is right handed.

Nancy Ruben
My mother, Suzanne, is in the hospital recovering from a procedure in her bile duct.  The doctors are deciding whether to remove gall bladder because she is high risk due to her age (87) and she has a pace maker.

Jen Rowe
Prayers for Gods wisdom and peace as I’m preparing to send my kids to their dads for summer break visitation. This is their first big chunk of time having to be with him and they don’t want to go. Prayers for Gods protection over them while they’re with him also.

Jimmy Bach
The 72 US Navy Sailors from my team that deployed into harms way this month to the Middle East, Afghanistan, and Africa. Please pray for those Sailors safety, for their families during this time apart, and for our military leaders. Mahalo!

Katie Free
I work as a covid-crisis nurse and I am on assignment in DC.  There is a covid outbreak around DC and there are many sick patients in the ICU.  Please pray for the patients’ health as well as the nurses, we are all very exhausted and getting burnt out.  There is so much death and emotional turmoil to deal with on a daily basis, we really need some positivity during this time.

Racquel Racette
Thank you so much for asking. Would you please pray that my eyes would be opened to the many other ways I can honor my Lord and Savior, how I can teach others in my community about the love of Jesus Christ in deed, action and thought and how I might better utilize the gifts God has given me for the work of His kingdom and the furthering of the gospel. God Bless you all

Lyn Rock
Someone I care deeply about has been imprisoned in Thailand for a situation that was beyond his control. ¬†His name is David McCord, he was in Thailand to build a cathedral, ran out of money, and was unable to access monies that he was paid for a portion of the contract. ¬†He was imprisoned when he attempted to leave the country to come home. ¬†Please pray that by God’s grace he will be released and come home alive.

John Koontz
Please pray for Kathy as she is having shoulder surgery on Thursday, May 21st.

Tim White
Waiting to hear back from job interview for FT professor position.

Jon McCoy
We are trying to sell a house in CT and have the final two inspections on Monday. We are praying that everything passes and no additional issues are found.

Eugene McDonald
Only if God agrees, we spoke for a miracle for Gene who is home after Brain Surgery, lost short term memory now. Has rarest of (Gioblastoma) Cancer. 5mo. to live. He is ready to meet Jesus, refused Chemo&Radiation as the strongest radiation would be used directly on memory. We are enjoying conversations, Bible Studies, photos.

Ron Mitchell
Furloughed from work, difficulties in collecting unemployment.  Also travel to take care of daughter after giving birth.

Judy Best
Please pray for my health.  I have been experiencing stomach issues for over a week.

Sonja Brown
Job opportunity.. Deciding what to do.  Asking God to help us know what is the right thing to do.

Praying that I continue to read my bible daily. My son is addicted to drugs and has mental illness, he’s being released from jail on May 22nd, with no place to go. He lives in Tennessee

Susan & Ed Klawitter
Prayers for protection for our oldest son, his wife and our 18 month grandson who live in Accomack County where there are hundreds of COVID 19 cases although it is a rural area with sparse population.

Ben Priester
Applied for a new job and hope I’m hired.

Wendy North
My daughter is 8 weeks pregnant and extremely sick. Her name is Bethany. She is having trouble staying at work because she feels so bad and thus not getting many hours. She and her husband are making some huge decisions about moving and jobs.

Terrie Edwards
Please pray for strength and wisdom for all care providers caring for COVID positive patients. Pray that through this pandemic, that they are also safe and they feel appreciated and loved. Also that they will be drawn closer to God.

Deborah Conran
Praise God for successful gallbladder removal yesterday, please pray for healing and recovery. Also for Michael Jr. He pulled his back out. Very thankful for all of God’s provisions. Can’t wait to worship in person June 7th. Thank you staff!

Dawn Stevens
Please pray for Laura daughter of my friend Michelle Bryfogle Schaefer.  Michelle lives In Chesapeake and Laura is in the hospital in Dutch country in Pennsylvania.  She was getting over COVID19 but took a turn for the worst today

David Grick
Please pray for Diane.  She developed a couple sarcomas and had to have them surgically removed. We are still waiting for the lab results.  Thank You much.

Chris Olejasz
Need relief from joint pain. It has gotten pretty bad to be mobile & to move around. Thanks Chris

Kylie Manzie
We had a friend pass away this week from a sudden heart attack. He was so young and full of life. It came as a shock to everyone. Please pray for peace for his family during this time.

Prayer request my daughter Julia who continues to struggle with depression and hurting herself. ¬†We went to a new counselor this week. ¬†God’s guidance to helping and healing her.


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