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STUDY GROUPS gaining deeper Biblical knowledge

A healthy, successful Bible Study is:

– Primarily focused on gaining deeper Biblical knowledge
– A place to ask questions and learn from others
– A place to develop personal understanding of biblical truths
– A place to build confidence in what what we believe and why
– Varies in size from small to large groups
– Generally meets on campus
– Centered around a certain curriculum, topic, or set of Bible passages
– Can be classroom, lecture, or conversational style
– Meets weekly and follows a predictable, structured format (generally more formal than a life group setting)
– Does not necessarily emphasize relationship-building, but it does provide a friendly, warm, and open atmosphere
– Has a specific start and end date
– Measures success by seeing participants come to a deeper understanding of the subject matter


FALL STUDY GROUPS Sunday, September 10 – Friday, December 15