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COVID-19 UPDATES (AS OF 11/14/20)


*Continuing to follow guidelines and to do our part, we want to once again make everyone aware that masks are required in all areas of the buildings on campus.  This is a simple step we can all take in honoring and loving others well.
We so appreciate your cooperation and understanding.
Doing this now will, prayerfully, enable us to soon hug and high five again!!
God bless you.**


How do I register to attend Worship Services?
The link is located on our RSVP Page.  Simply click that link and it will take you right to the site!

What day will registration for services open each week?
Each week registration will open on Thursday at 10AM for the upcoming Sunday services. 

How do I reserve a spot for childcare?
In order to view the children’s tickets, you must add the adult quantity of tickets you need for the service you are attending.  We have preschool programming for the 8:00 service and it is expanded to K-5th for 9:30 and 11:15.

How many people will be in worship center?
All services are limited to 300 people. 

Where do I park? 
All regular parking will be available.  Our parking team will be ready to greet you with a smile and help you find the next available spot!   If any special assistance is needed, just ask any of the parking team volunteers wearing a neon vest.

Where do I enter the building? 
Both entrances will be open.  We can’t wait to see you!       

What time will doors open?
The doors will open 15 minutes prior to each service.  Help us stay safe by patiently waiting in line six feet apart.  When the doors open, we will happily hold them open for you to help everyone avoid not having to touch anything.          

Do I need to bring a ticket?
Yes!  Upon registering, you will be able to print your ticket or even just bring it up on your phone.  Either way works for us!

Will I be required to wear a mask?
Masks are required for anyone kindergarten and older while on campus.  We also ask you to sanitize your hands before entering the Worship Center.  

Will there be children/student programming?     
Our children’s programming has started back and you must reserve a spot for your child. In order to view the children’s tickets, you must add the adult quantity of tickets you need for the service you are attending.  We have preschool programming for the 8:00 service and it is expanded to K-5th for 9:30 and 11:15.
The student ministry is encouraging all teens to attend Sunday Morning Worship with their families and then come back Sunday night for The HarborChildren’s ministry and Student ministry have more information on their webpage.

Will there be coffee? Can I bring my own?
No coffee will be served at this time.  We encourage you to bring your own water bottle and coffee.  Just don’t forget that favorite coffee mug you sat under the seat on your way out! 

Will the bathrooms be open? 
Our bathrooms will be cleaned and sanitized and available for emergency use.  They will be cleaned and sanitized between each service.

Will there be social distancing in the Worship Center?
We will practice physical distancing in the Worship Center per the Governor’s guidelines.  Give your friend in the next row over a virtual hug and a smile but only sit with your family. 

Will the offering plate be passed? 
We will not be passing the offering plate as usual.  However, upon exiting the worship center, there will be baskets to drop your tithes and offerings into.  Don’t worry, our security team will be keeping an eye on those baskets!

Will you clean between services?
Yes, each service will only be 50 minutes long to allow us to clear and clean the building between each service.

But, I am excited to see my friends at church again!  Can I visit in the lobby after service? 
We know we all miss seeing our friends at church but right now it is so important for us to be able to clean the building between each service.  Therefore, we ask that you quickly exit the building after the service concludes.  Wave to your friend in the parking lot!

I really want to come back, can I come if I am not feeling well?
We really miss you and want to see you but please stay home if you are you currently sick with any of the following symptoms:
Fever, cough, sore throat or shortness of breath OR if you have had contact with anyone diagnosed with COVID-19 in the last 14 days.
Please let us know what’s going on so we can pray for you!  

When will Saturday night service resume?
There will be no Saturday services for now.  We will continue to evaluate and determine next steps.

Need more help?
Any additional questions can be asked at or by calling the office at 757 382 9500.