May 22 // 9AM-1PM // At ROC

From 9th grade to 99, we want everyone to join us!  

Speak Life is a one day conference for you to simply be bathed in God’s Truth. Come experience worship, teaching and choose two breakout sessions that fits just what you need right now!  You will leave encouraged and challenged!

Childcare is available.  Email Gina McCartney at to reserve your spot!  

Registration closes Sunday, May 16th!

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Breakout Sessions:

Speaking Life To Each Other (For High School Girls) | Led by: Heather Vanderford |
Whether a speaker on a stage, a conversation with a friend, gossip spread behind your back, or comments and DMs through a screen, we’ve all felt the sting of hurtful words or the healing nature of encouragement. God’s Word tells us that our words literally hold power, the power of life and death to be exact. So, what impact do your words have? Our words go far deeper than the things we say, text, comment, or DM. If we desire to Speak Life, we must start at the source. 

Speaking Life Into Your Children | Led by: Nolin Waldrop |
As parents and disciple-makers in our home, we have a beautiful responsibility to speak life to our children! Beyond encouraging them when they have learned something new or done something kind, our words have the power to teach our kids about who God is, give them confidence in who He has created them to be as a unique individual made in His image and help them see their potential to impact this world! 

Speaking Life Into Your Brokenness | Led by: LaGaye MacDowall |
All of us have good days and bad days!  But some can seem almost too much to bear. Fear, loss, sadness, anxiety, worry, anger, depression and so many other difficult emotions can overwhelm, suffocate,  and leave us feeling discouraged and hopeless. 
Is there truly a way to walk in peace (and even joy?!) in the midst of the most crippling circumstances, whatever we are experiencing, or how we feel? 
God’s desire is to SPEAK LIFE into our brokenness and bring healing and wholeness to each of us. This time together we will focus on the hope we have in Jesus and practical steps to help us walk through and out of difficult seasons.  

Speaking Life Through Your Prayer Life | Led by: Julie Kalenichenko |
Did you know that ALL of God’s promises are “Yes” and “Amen!” When we speak the Word of God over our lives, we release the power of the Almighty to work for us in our circumstances. Whatever you have need of right now, God has already made provision for in His Word. Let’s learn to wield the sword of the spirit like a sharpshooter and watch the enemy take flight.

Speaking Life Into Your Own Identity | Led by: Gracie Morales |
We are living in a time where there are so many voices telling us who we are and what defines us as women. Whether it’s the culture, social media, the education system, or even the voices in our own heads that can rob us of our true worth, peace, joy, security, and the freedom we ought to have in Christ.  These voices can also hinder our walks and hold us captive to insecurities that keep us from living the abundant life Christ died to give us.
But, there is one voice that speaks life and truth. Come join us as we Study God’s Word and listen to His voice; that will always speak life into our hearts. God wants us to stand convinced, in our identity and in our significance (during the present times that we are living in) to help us live out our destiny fearlessly, so we can in turn speak life and truth into our culture and world!

Speaking Life Through Your Walk | Led by: Dolly Mink |
Your walk with Christ, the way you act and react with others on a daily basis, is perhaps your most public and profound witness. Join Dolly Mink as we examine ways to “conform ourselves to the likeness of Christ” and be effective, authentic followers of Jesus. 

Speaking Life Into Your Marriage | Led by: Felitz Velloney |
It doesn’t take very long to experience the power of words for good or for bad in our marriages. Let’s explore God’s Word together to find out what He has to say about the power of our words. We will begin with some basic truths about marriage and walk away encouraged and empowered to leverage our words for life! Please join me on this journey in learning how to Speak Life into your Marriage! 

Speaking Life Through Teaching God’s Word | Led by: Karis Madden & Donna Cunningham |
Do you have a desire and a heart to Speak Life into ladies at ROC? Are you feeling led to teach a Bible Study, or considering that leading one may be in your future? What are the next steps? Come and learn what it takes to teach a class as part of ROC’s Women’s Ministry. 

A Special Military Wives Reception | Hosted by: Krynn Burt |
Come fellowship with us and get to know other military spouses within our community! Whatever season you might be going through, we would love to walk alongside with you. My hope and prayer during our time together is that you feel loved, encouraged, inspired and especially connected as we unite together in Christ. 



P: (757) 382-9500

Service Times:
9:30AM (Livestream Available)
255 Great Bridge Blvd.,
Chesapeake, VA 23320