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After Effect
Weekly Student Events All Summer Long!

High School: Mondays 6:00-9:00PM

The Harbor 6:00-7:30PM
After Effect 7:30-9:00PM

Middle School: Tuesdays 6:00-8:30PM
The Harbor 6:00-7:00PM 
After Effect 7:00-8:30PM

After Effect is the fun that happens after our weekly student gatherings during the summer. Each week we will be doing something different so make sure to come hang out with us following the Harbor.

July 5th – Combined Middle School and High School Skate Night
Greenbrier Family Skate Center 6-9pm.
No cost to skate but bring money for the snack bar!

July 18th & 19th – Paint War

August 1st & 2nd – Glow in the Dark Dodge Ball 

August 8th & 9th – Slip n Slide 

August 15th & 16th – Nerf War

August 23rd – End of Summer Block Party (Baptism night)